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Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen.

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Making It Rain

Make it RAIN! Hot water in the jar, cold front "clouds" on rains in the jar. Totally awesome.

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Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

These shaving cream rain clouds were a fun, easy and beautiful activity to do with kids. Watch as the "rain" falls down from the clouds!

Recycling plastic caps into a classroom project- in this case, creating beautiful strings of 'raindrops' out of caps that normally end up in the trash.

: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain. Kids love experiments!


Science Sparks

Create a lung

Tornado in a Bottle: I think it’d be fun to also experiment with different sizes of bottles to see which make the best tornadoes! You could also try adding some food coloring, glitter, grass, or little objects like Monopoly houses to the water/soap mix for some additional experimentation! Okay, so there you have it, a really fun science toy! :)

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24 Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love

A rainbow in a jar is a lesson in density. | 24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too

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The QM Science Spot: LOTS of Experiments

A giant list of super fun science experiments to do with kids with simple household items.

Color Changing Carnations. A visually appealing Science activity. Also a great way for kids to learn how water is absorbed by plants and how it travels through the different parts of a flower.

It's an explosion of color! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food coloring, and a drop of liquid soap. Use this experiment to amaze your friends and uncover the scientific secrets of soap. It's also the perfect idea for your next science fair project! Want more experiments like this? Check out http://www.stevespangler...


Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

Create a Mini Water Cycle in a rotisserie chicken container! Blog post includes details.

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Edible Rock Cycle for Kids

Starburst Rock Cycle for Kids: Easy, Fun and Yummy! --> SO FUN. I am definitely doing this over the weekend!


Earth Day Activities for Kids

Space Theme: Shaving Cream Marbleized Earth (or change colors for other planets) ... Cub Scouts in Space Day Camp activity. The Cub Scouts LOVED this activity last year.