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  • jeremy proctor

    Fraud is a reportable crime. I know some people that need to be reported for this and school programs as well

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Medicare Whistleblowers are typically healthcare professionals who are aware of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, Nursing Homes, Hospices, long term care and other health care facilities that routinely overcharge or seek reimbursement from government programs for medical services not rendered, drugs not used, beds not slept in and ambulance rides not taken

STORY HIGHLIGHTS A doctor and nurse have filed a whistleblower suit against DaVita Dialysis The two claim the company was over-billing Medicare and Medicaid They say the company was wasting medication and throwing it away The company denies the claims, saying decisions were made in patients' best interests. Of course.

Wow 5th largest hospital network flirting with Medicare abuse.

I figure everyone can get behind reporting Medicare/Medicaid Fraud...

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