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Roommate Citation Notepad

Are you and your roommate on the same page? Refer to the roommate citation pad for the rules of being a good roommate.

Roommate FYI - A sheet to help arrange tasks for college roommates

Rooming With Your BFF: A Guide to Your Best, Most Drama-Free Year Yet

Funny pictures about Roommate FYI. Oh, and cool pics about Roommate FYI. Also, Roommate FYI photos.

Some of these are relevant and really good... Some not so much but ya know

Should You Make a Roommate Contract? (Plus A Roommate Contract Template!)

Ever find yourself at a loss for words when someone you know needs a little encouragement or just need some help getting them out? With our exceedingly clever and empathetic It's Gonna Be Okay Notepad

It's Gonna Be Okay Notepad

Knock Knock It's Gonna Be Okay Note Pad. Knock Knock gifts to cheer up friends.

Knock Knock Note Pad, Hey Asshole Knock Knock,http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FXBUSI/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_gYHIsb1DCG5D07NJ

Knock Knock Hey Asshole Pad is a funny novelty gift for guys, girls. Hey Asshole pad is the perfect gag gift.

You Suck Nifty Notes

You Suck Nifty Notes

Knock Knock You Suck Nifty Notes make funny passive aggressive notes & fun work gifts for your annoying (or annoyed) coworkers.

How To Be A GREAT Roommate

How To Be A GREAT Roommate! Some great tips that will help you have a great year and make lasting friendships with your roommate and other students in the dorm!


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What Kind of Roommate Are You? Take the quiz and see who you should room with!

What Kind of Roommate Are You?