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    Gender plays a part in HIV prevalence and prevention. Not only are women biologically more likely to get HIV from sex, but social status and gender violence also has an important effect. A landmark study in South Africa recently suggested that nearly one in seven cases of young women acquiring HIV could have been prevented if the women had not been subjected to intimate partner violence.

  • Global Service Corps

    Every minute a young woman is newly infected with HIV #hiv #aids #education #volunteer #globalservicecorps

  • Ahsiek semloh

    hiv awareness poster

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HIV is a serious problem also within Internationally Displaced Communities on Thai-Burma border. Research, Publication and Documentation (RPD) provides campaign education materials on women health. It designs, produces, and disseminates culturally appropriate materials in Burmese, Karen, and other ethnic languages such as Chin, Karenni, Lahu, Mon, Kachin and Shan.

The correct term is "Ms". And I already have a name, thank you.

This engrossing PBS documentary describes the Navajo gender system, which includes four genders. Women are the first gender because Navajo is a matrilineal society - known as "asdzaan" (feminine woman). Men are the "hastiin" ("masculine man"). Nádleehi (feminine man) are born as what we would consider "biologically male" but function as girl/woman; and dilbaa (masculine woman) who were born "biologically female" but function as male.

memory (according to Alan Baddeley) Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

Why Infographics? I love that this is like the original infographic - very 1998! It's a fabulous description of why Infographics can be so powerful!

How long different animals live, in a vintage infographic from pictogram pioneer Otto Neurath

Doctors on Drugs *Check out the movie "Doctored." You find that the pharmaceutical corporations have very little respect for doctors and actually refer to some as their "drug whores." Watch it for free here:

Very creative Infographic. Love that it doesn't follow the same approach that other Infographics use.

There are currently 7 billion people in the world. In 2050, there will be 9 billion:: that means global food production must increase 70% to meet our needs by 2050!

Great infographic on world education. At www.thevirtualsch... we want to democratise access to high quality education for learners around the world.

Why it Pays To Be Bilingual. Now you have an ever better excuse to study abroad, or spend a few months overseas engaged in language study.