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    Ramses II, Egypt

    Ramses II

    Statue of Ramses II, Luxor Temple, Egypt

    Ramses II

    The Great Temple of Ramses II

    Ramses II Pharaoh of Egypt

    Ramses II the Great:


    Detail from a relief. King Ramses II among the gods, the relief comes from the small temple built by King Ramses II at Abydos. In the relief Ramesses II is crowned by the goddess Nekhbet in the form of vulture. And Ramses II is introduced with the gods. 19th Dynasty, Abydos

    Ramses II

    The Great Temple of Ramses II, 1213 BC

    Obelisk of Ramesses II Eastern Colossus at right

    Ramses II statue, Newer Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt.

    Ramses II Bust

    There are many statues of Ramesses II, probably brought here from Pi Ramesse, the capital built by Ramses II.

    The Great Temple of Rameses II

    19th Dynasty, about 1260 BC - Setau viceroy of Pharaoh Ramses II

    Westernmost Colossus of the Temple of Re,

    Ramses II as a child Stele, limestone - Circa 1290 B.C., 19th dynasty, New Empire

    Head of a statue of Ramses II, King of Egypt between 1304 and 1237 B.C., at the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes,