• Mckenna Paucek

    a must do baby photo op! How fun with this be for a 1st birthday Making the cake, smash the cake, bubble bath after Will be soooo perfect for me when I have kids #Cute Baby #cute kid #lovely kid #baby girl #baby boy| http://my-cute-babies-gallery.blogspot.com

  • Melissa Goldenstein

    this is a perfect baby picture

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I am always moved by the tenderness children show animals. It's a beautiful thing.

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so true

so very true x

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she’s giving that zookeeper a head-butt and a trunk-hug not out of gratitude, but because this is apparently just how baby elephants show affection

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oh, sweet little human.

Spoiler alert: The fox doesn’t actually talk. BUT his owner, a charming elderly chap, describes the noise he makes (purring!), and then gives him a bath and DRIES HIM WITH A BLOWDRYER.

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Mom reading you to sleep.

Chef !



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