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  • Tricia Fish

    Amazing Paintings of the Risen Christ -

  • Jean Weaver

    contemporary christian art | ... de Meythet church, artist Arcabas, Bible Art:Resurrection of Christ

  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

    Arcabas (Jean Marie Pirot), 1998. Life not death, and a large painting. Compare the size with the altar and furniture.

  • Annie Abbott Foerster

    Arcabas (Jean-Marie Pirot), Resurrection, 1998. The calm, Risen Jesus is mobbed by angels; Acabas' message is clear: Christianity is about life, not death.

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"Resurrection" 1937-1952 | Musée national Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Nice, France • Marc Chagall. Oil on canvas, 168 x 108 cm. Series: Triptych "Resistance, Resurrection, Liberation." Style: Surrealism. (

Annunciation 13. The Angel Gabriel's announcement to the young virgin Mary,

Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God's tasks

James Tissot, Angel seated on theStone of the Tomb, watercolor, 1886. In this incredible water color, the stone has been rolled away and the angel sits agains it; four other angels sit inside the tomb, waiting on Jesus.

The Angel of the Lord Announcing the Resurrection - Benjamin West

William Blake "The Resurrection: The Angels rolling away the Stone from the Sepulchre"

angel Angels must not have heard about yet. Let's wake them UP....Kenya AA+, Ethiopian Sumatra,and more.

File:Brooklyn Museum - Mary Magdalene Questions the Angels in the Tomb (Madeleine dans le tombeau interroge les anges) - James Tissot.jpg

This pic was on a legit "Beautiful Things" board with the comment "Beautiful Angel"... I was terrified until I realized it wasn't pinned to one of the many Dr. Who boards I follow

Cecilia by James Christensen -в благодарность ВЕЛИКИХ СОБЫТИЙ В НАШЕЙ ЖИЗНИ СЕМЬИ и Политики СЛАВЯ БОГА! выбрал Мне мой Муж-MIKHAIL DMITRIEVICH PROKHOROV/FORBES,ПОЛИТИК партия "ГРАЖДАНСКАЯ ПЛАТФОРМА"в благодарность-СПАСЕНИЕ 8 сент 2013 от КРАХА ДЕЛ ПОЛИТИКА и бизнесмена. 10 ИЮНЯ -ТРЕТЬЕ ПОСЛАНИЕ БОГА ! из 18 что даровал МНЕ БОГ -ИЮЛЬ 2012И 2Я МЕССИЯ БОГА !/ -ЭЛЕН ЕЛЕНА SVE HELENA PROKHOROVA 10.07.2014

The Angel of the Birds 1910 Franz Dvorak