Explore Black Squirrels, Devil Squirrel, and more!

Abert's Squirrel


Black Squirrels*As with the eastern grays, black squirrels occupy portions of the eastern and midwestern United States, as well as southeastern areas of Canada. And at some time during the past century, the black squirrel managed to find its way to the British Isles.

#Squirrel Kids Graphic T-Shirt. This shirt perfectly encompasses that distractibility of little kids.

BGSU is so diverse that we have three different colors of squirrels... brown, black, and albino!

Brrrr. How cold must it be that a squirrel has to use his own tail as a coat?

White (not albino!) squirrels. You can find them near London, Ontario.

Squirrel Party

Concern in England that the black squirrel will outnumber the red. They have initiated the Red Squirrel Trust to protect. I still think they are pretty cute!

Flying Squirrel.

Sammi's black squirrel♥

Red Squirrel

Baby palm squirrel.

Yes, these are real sheep. They are called Valais black-faced sheep. So cute!




"Fox Squirrel" [Scientific name - *Sciurus niger.* Sciurus is Greek for “shade tail” & niger is Latin for “dark.” Fox squirrels are noticeably bigger than gray squirrels and can have a variety of fur colors depending on their location.They can have a white belly & a face with black and white patches. In some areas they are also called the monkey-faced squirrel or raccoon squirrel due to their facial markings.]~[Photographer Sam Bland]'h4d'121103

Winter squirrel - Just chillin'