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    Abert's Squirrel



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    Red Squirrel in Snow - fine art photography print by Allison Trentelman |


    devil horned red squirrel from Europe

    Black Squirrels*As with the eastern grays, black squirrels occupy portions of the eastern and midwestern United States, as well as southeastern areas of Canada. And at some time during the past century, the black squirrel managed to find its way to the British Isles.

    Brrrr. How cold must it be that a squirrel has to use his own tail as a coat?

    baby squirrels

    Sammi's black squirrel♥

    Black Squirrel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! --- Marysville, Kansas is noted for the abundance of black squirrels

    Red Squirrel

    In recent weeks, two very stunning black lion photographs have been circulating online. Why they attract such interest is that according to mainstream zoology, black lions simply do not exist. If they did, and were wholly black in colour, they would most probably be melanistic specimens; analogous if not homologous genetically with black panthers (melanistic leopards) and mutant all-black individuals of other felid species.


    Sakhalin Squirrel

    Baby palm squirrel.

    The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. This is perhaps the most beautiful lion I have ever seen.


    rare black lion. media-cdn7.pinter... martykoenig dogs cats kiddos


    #Squirrel Kids Graphic T-Shirt. This shirt perfectly encompasses that distractibility of little kids.