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    Another Pinner said: I just tried this - I will NEVER buy Comet, Soft Scrub, etc again. Used in the tub - sprayed on, left for about 1/2 hr - wiped down like nothing there. it is sparkling!

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    • Shelli Rose

      Soap Scum "Killa" -- equal parts of warm vinegar & blue Dawn -- Spray, leave on for a couple of hours, wipe off! Great cleaning ideas - Sue

    • Glenda Carlin

      Dawn + Vinegar = Soap Scum KILLA Shower Cleaner - I had previously pinned this, but now that I have tried it I am pinning it again. Seriously the easiest and best shower cleaner I have ever tried. Everything came off with no scrubbing. 1 cup vinegar (heated) mixed with 1 cup original blue Dawn. Spray on shower and let sit for 2 hours. Wipe off with a wet sponge

    • Denise Robison

      Shower Cleaner - 1 cup White vinegar heated up (microwave 1-2 min) with equal amount blue Dawn, gently shake and spray on and wait and then wipe away the soap scum.

    • Patricia Cooper

      Equal parts of HEATED vinegar and BLUE Dawn soap in a spray bottle..."THE SOAP SCUM KILLA" #lifecrafts&whatever I can't wait to try this!!

    • Beth Hollingsworth

      Dawn + Vinegar = Soap Scum KILLA! Heat up some vinegar I used a cup of vinegar & nuke it for 2 minutes.Put in spray bottle add equal amount of blue Dawn shake gently. A one to one ratio of white vinegar to blue Dawn. Measure out a cup of each. Spray it on & leave overnight for tough stains. Otherwise let it sit for 2 hrs, come back with a sponge and some warm water, and wipe off.

    • Maria Locklin

      cleaning tip - soap scum buster: blue dawn + heated vinegar on shower door = sparkly clean

    • Julie Truster

      dawn +vinegar = soap scum killa

    • Amy Teather

      Cleaning help.

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    If you pinned the home made cleaner of equal parts Dawn and vinegar, THROW IT OUT and pin this.

    Dawn + Vinegar + 1 Bottle=Magic in a Bottle! THIS REALLY WORKS. Some posts say to heat the vinegar, but I use the spray cold and it works great. Spray your tub/shower the night before you are going to clean it. The next day, I usually wipe it with an old shower scrubbie, but there is no need to scrub. Give it a hot rinse and everything will be clean and shining.

    THE best stain remover ever. Even for old stains. Every mom needs this recipe - 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 part baking soda and 1 part dish detergent

    How to clean moldy caulking. This is AMAZING! I had tried everything and in the end all it took was some cheap household items I already had!

    Use this to clean soap scum off glass shower doors.

    How to unclog a sink drain without harsh chemicals, and IT WORKS! 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar, Let it bubble 15 minutes and chase it with a pan of boiling water. Light plunging needed on tough clogs. I just tried it on my kitchen sink and it cleared a tough clog in 20 minutes. I'll never buy drain opener again.

    soap scum cleaner that actually WORKS! I mixed half a cup of the blue dawn with half a cup of hot vinegar. And you know the former owners left some funky grime that I had been chipping away at. This got rid of 90% of it, and I'm confident that another application will get rid of the rest!

    "clean shower tub with vinegar and Dawn" IT WORKS GREAT...1/2 cup vinegar bring to boil in microwave, add 1/2 cup dawn, put on spray bottle and spray tub, let soak 5 to 10 mins, wipe clean

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    Best Shower Door Cleaning! I polished my girlfriend's scummy shower doors using the Get-Off My Shower Glass Polisher Kit. Just used a little "Bar Keepers Friend" cleanser, a spray bottle of water, and my drill. Best results hands-down. She said her shower doors had never looked better. | Soap Scum & Limescale Remover | Order on or

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    The Blue Dawn and Vinegar tub cleaner you might have seen on Pinterest DOES DOES DOES work! I just mixed the vinegar and dawn half n half in a mixing cup and spread it on the tub. Left it 1 hour. Wiped it down and my tub was SPANKING clean with no scrubbing! TRY IT!!

    Step 1: Mix a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. The consistency of the paste should be about that of pancake mix. Step 2: Spread the paste all along the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor, the toilet seat, and any other area that gets a lot of over spray. Let it set for about 10-15 minutes. Step 3: When the timer expires spray the dried paste with white vinegar and let it fizzle. Once it is done fizzing wipe it up with a damp cloth. For future reference!

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    Tub Cleaner - vinegar and dish soap, no scrubbing! Heat 1/2C white vinegar in m'wave for 90 sec, pour int spray bottle. Add 1/2C BLUE Dawn dish soap. Shake gently to mix. Spray on surface, let it sit 1-2 hours. Just wipe it away then rinse with water. Should also take soap scum off shower doors! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. cleaning grade vinegar? at Wal-Mart by the other multi-purpose cleaners. It’s cheaper than food grade vinegar and is perfect for jobs like this.& original blue Dawn

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    Oven cleaner: 5 T baking soda, 4 T vinegar, 3 drops of Dawn and mix into a paste. Coat the oven, let sit for 15 min and scrub clean. Another great cleaning idea.. since regular over cleans smell so bad.

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