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Slap! Call out a word and first person to slap it, adds it to their pile..... vocabulary, sight words, math facts... so many possibilities!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Secret Sight Words

Secret Sight words!! Your kids will LOVE. They look at the picture, figure out the beginning sound, and put the letter until they figure out the sight word!

from Mom 'N Daughter Savings

10 Educational Crafts for family fun


Unique and Fun Sight Word Learning: Building a Word-a-Pillar

"Build a Word-a-Pillar" with the sight words your child is learning. A great way to motivate your child to read and track progress!!

Place the letters around the floor for the children to dance around. Play music. When the music stops, shout out a letter and the children have to find and sit on that letter. Best to use easy letters first, then as the children learn, you can introduce more difficult letters like b and d. Can also use this game for numbers instead of letters, or maybe sight words once they’ve got their letters sussed.

Beaded number rods for subtraction! Great visual for students with special needs. Adding concrete materials when performing simple operations, helps build number sense to ensure students are relating quantities to symbols (numbers). For this and more great ways to use beads and pipe cleaners in your math lesson, go to:

Word Recognition Pin 1: This activity is a "twist" on the game Twister. This is Sight Word Twister where the students play a game of Twister where each circle contains a sight word. One student spins the spinner and the others touch the sight word that the spinner landed on after the word is spoken.