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    So much truth. I don't want to spend money but I WANT TO BUY STUFF! Or is it "need" to buy stuff...?


    first world problems. Story of my life. I hate it when that happens! ugh. damn it all to hell.

    Pretty much sums up my life!

    Story of my life..

    My life

    This literally made me lol about 20 times

    story of my life...

    Story of my life.

    Need to get this as a button, so I can just point to it when, in the middle of conversations, I have an Alzheimer's moment.

    Sooo true.

    Every time !

    story of my life.

    soooo awkward.

    So true!!

    Three times last week!

    Story of my life

    Story of my life! Haha...sadness.

    Ha! Every single time!