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Pic of the Day: Abandoned Towns

There's a chill in the air, and we're in the mood to get spooked. Nothing suits that purpose more than ogling creepy pictures of abandoned cities - formerly bustling centers of quotidian life,now r...
  • naman skaia

    Sanzhi UFO Houses – San Zhi, Taiwan Haunting Abandoned Places

  • PS13

    Sanjhih It's near Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. they'd been demolished only a few months before. in the late 1970's, a keeper of a rubber company worked out the prototype of the modern space age UFO housing complex using his own factory. He wanted to build a contemporary modern style holiday resort. However, the rubber company closed down in the energy crisis in 1980 and the houses were left unfinished. The UFO houses were seized by the mortgage lender and sealed up by the bank.

  • Linda Hood

    Sanzhi UFO Houses, San Zhi, Taiwan. Intended to be sold to US Military officers, construction began in 1978 and ceased in 1980 due to lack of funds. 6

  • Valerie Kathryn

    Slideshow: Haunting Images of Desolate Ghost Towns: The UFO houses in Sanzhi, Taiwan were constructed beginning in 1978 , but the project was never finished.

  • Diane Kinion

    UFO Houses Sanzhi. San Zhi, Taiwan--so reminds me of the Jetson's

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The San Zhi complex in Taiwan is an eery village of pods built for vacationers but abandoned having never been used.

Pod City of San Zhi - Pod-shaped buildings built in Taiwan in 1978. Was intended to serve as a vacation resort but left abandoned due to investment loss and supernatural activities.

Abandoned Resort: Sanzhi, Taiwan

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