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♥I just learned from my friend who raises sheep that this is called "popcorning". She described it as the sheep version of being so happy to be alive.

This is a face you can trust. :))

John 21:15-17 - Jesus showed the urgency of putting his interests ahead of our own. He stressed to Peter: "Feed my little sheep." !! He asked Peter: "Do you love me more than THESE? ie.(fish that Peter was frying)" Peter had already returned to fishing after Jesus died. Before he was raised up, he appeared to Peter and 500 others.

And I quote - "Whatda ya want?!" scottish black face, I guess they are a little aggressive

Have a great weekend! by LightSpectral | Ismanah photography (away), via Flickr

What do you mean sheep aren't puppies? Aren't they cute? (Should have chosen "cute animals" instead of puppies for my heading.)

Ah, raised many of these growing up....feeding out of a pop bottle with a nipple in the middle of the nite. miss those days.@

Maybe I'll get a lamb with coloring like this so I can have a black sheep but still dye the wool.

The sheep was originally brought over from Europe. They were brought over on Christopher Columbus' second voyage. I think that it was intended to bring them over so that the Native Americans can make clothes and blankets.