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  • BLAmedia All diabetics have trouble with dry skin, get relief by using better, natural products conducive to health, healing and hydration.

  • Angela Eaves

    My son has type 1 Diabetes. We are participating in the Walk To Cure Diabetes on October 6th under the team name Sweet N Low. Please check it out and contribute any way you can. Thanks!

  • Tammy Skolnick

    Type one diabetes sucks!

  • Skye Donahue

    One day, who knows ? @ life

  • Cathy Clarke

    Hate hate hate being type1 diabetic. It's so hard to control as well. Also winds me up that so few people know the difference between type 1 and 2. Hoping for a cure in my life time.

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Definitely like this... people just don't know the differences... & correct information that goes with them (cough cough Paula Deen). Supported JDRF growing up... awesome organization :)

Keep calm and test your glucose. This is pretty much my response to everything... Feeling tired? Test. Feeling sick? Test. Test/ presentation next period? Test. Going somewhere? Test. Headache? Test. :P

Yoyo Diabetic Pen & Ink Illustration by BirdWingPress on Etsy, $16.00

Hahaha becuase mice get all the cures

Seriously. I hate when I talk about my t1 and people star comparing it to their great aunts or something. NOT THE SAME!

Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy Where was this about 3 years ago??

this makes me laugh so hard. i need my daily amounts of INSULIN! Harper Lane@Heather McHale