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Marley and Ezra ready for their first day at New Franklin.

Landon Bingaman gets ready for his first day at Hamilton Heights.

Tyler, Conner and Tristyn Le ready for their first day of school.

Emily Nye gets ready for her first day of school at Mowrey Elementary.

Leland Thomas on his first day of kindergarten at Stevens Elementary.

Katelyn Kelly on her first day of first grade at Corpus Christi.

Fleegle sisters Nikki and Katey off to the first day of school.

Twins Brandon and Jenna Schoeller on their first day of first grade at Ben Chambers.

Asia, 4th grade; Laila, 1st grade; and Julius, 3rd grade, get ready to go to Andrew Buchanan.

Jeremy and MeKenzie Gayman headed to St. Thomas Elementary. MeKenzie is starting kindergarten and Jeremy is entering second grade.