Evanescent: August Moon by Stewart Edmondson

Seung-Hwan Chung

Ivan Aivazovsky, The Black Sea at night, 1879

Linda Olsen

Moon at night ~ so full of light

1887 Ivan Aivazovsky (Russian Romantic, 1817-1900) ~ Sea View by Moonlight

stewart edmondson

Saatchi Online Artist: Rachel Cross; Watercolor 2014 Painting "Moon Set" full moon, ocean, water, black, midnight, stars, sail

Moon and Sea by George Dmitriev

tom thomson

Spring Rain / Linoleum Print / Andrew Jagniecki

Sunset, Reflected Maurice Sapiro

A Moonlit Lane - John Atkinson Grimshaw

Night over the poor district by ortsmor on DeviantArt

iamjapanese: Stewart Edmondson(British) Of the Fields and of the Sky 2010 Ink on Board

Paint Nite Hartfordnewhaven | Donovans Reef 11/04/2014

Blue/Green Moon - Sarasota, FL Painting Class - Painting with a Twist

Benoit Moraillon

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Woman in a Landscape

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trees, value