Black and White Photography is popular with journalists, designers and artists. Taking black and white Photographs is not as easy as the medium's simplicity indicates.


Fotógrafo registra dançarinos na Cidade do México para provar que Trump está errado

Photographer Documents Dancers Practicing In The Streets Of Mexico City To Prove Trump Was Wrong

fotógrafo Little Shao. Ballet em Paris.

42 Amazing Dance Photos This kind of photography is absolutely amazing. The dancers are obviously excellent but big part of credit goes to the photographers for capturing the photos in this magical moments!

I will be able to do this someday. I will try my hardest to become a very good dancer.

I will be able to do this someday. I will try my hardest to become a very good dancer. Being a good dancer is not about tricks but this is a goal of mine too.

O Corpo – Retratos Explosivos de Alexander Yakovlev

Taking photographs is one thing, but taking a photograph that captures imagination and magic is another skill entirely. Photographer Alexander Yakovlev has taken some stunning dance photography that incorporates dancers in certain scene compositions – sna

At the beginning i was all like " I can do dat boi" and then... I'm bedraggled.

Plus One // Glee

innocence and paris — flexibilityisfreedom: Source video.

my life .....with my beautiful RADC kids.

Plie Chasse Jete All Day Tee Shirt by the Australian Ballet.

Hol mich der Teufel

I love this picture, its like a dance movement and a stretch but still a dancer that tie her shoes, beautiful


Photographer Omar Robles - Ballerinas Daniela Fabelo & Daniela Cabrera in Cuba

To be perfectly balanced and stand on pointe, to be given a tutu and asked to look beautiful so that the moment can be captured for others to see beauty.