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Utopia Yacht is an ambitious project from BMT Nigel Gee in partnership with Yacht Island Design. It gives you a glimpse of an avant-garde future yacht that

The incredible #boats of tomorrow

Infinitas is the second design launch of Schöpfer Yachts. This new 300 foot meter) yacht was designed by E. Kevin Schopfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects.

Amazing!: Amazing!

Filthy Rich Dream Wish List, maybe I'll buy this from my next check!

Odyssey #Yachts announce release of 95m Motor #Yacht ‘Nautilus’ project Really?! Really?! Are you freaking kidding me!

Odyssey Yachts Release Motor Yacht 'Nautilus' Project

Odyssey Yachts announce release of Motor Yacht ‘Nautilus’ project. Now THAT'S a yacht! Yea this is my future yacht. Ahould bw ready in the new system.

Speedin & Luvin

Industrial design: shiny and sleek yacht, black and chrome. Love this beautiful boat! Water adventure with Hacker-Craft Racer.

Let's Do This

Hand made wooden boat. Looks more like a piece of art rather than a usable boat. The high polish wood increases its looks.

Kjerag Tower by Norrit  1st place entry in Bizarrchitecture 4 from Worth1000 Advanced Photo Effects Contest.

House between Two Rocks - The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part I don't know if this is real or not but it would be pretty awesome if it is


A Luxury Yacht With A Free Supercar! The Strand Craft by Gray Design. Purchase this yacht and you'll get the ultimate gift with purchase - a luxury supercar that can be stored on board in its own garage at the stern of the ship.

Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine. Photographed by Marcus Peabody. Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine. So awesome!

zaha hadid: Z boat

Architect Zaha Hadid has been commissioned to design a limited edition speedboat for American art dealer Kenny Schachter. The metre-long vessel, named Z-Boat, will feature an asymmetric body made from fibreglass.

Beluga Superyacht is the result of in cooperation between Pure-Sang and Glass-Deco International. This stunning yacht was introduced at Monaco Boat Show 2010 as “The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas” where it won the title of “The Best New Super Yacht Concept”. Designed under the supervision of Will Erens, Beluga has been designed with an organic and futuristic appearance at once.

Here comes a luxury superyacht with a tactile story. “The Beluga, Emperor of the Seven Seas” from the creative house of PURSANG is a fresh and innovative view on superyacht design.

Hot tub boats are all the rage these days, but now you can relax on the high seas and go green at the same time with this electric hot tub boat. Featuring...

Electric Hot Tub Boat

The world’s first and only boat to include a pool and hot tub. Hot Tub Boats is working with the Coast Guard to make the safest boat possible and is also waiting on a patent for their design and. - The world’s first and only boat to include a pool.