Mur Island Graz, Austria

Floating Island of Graz in southeastern Austria designed by architect Vito Acconci. The Murinsel in Graz is an artificial floating island cafe made of steel and glass reconnecting the city and its river.

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Glasshouse in Hiroshima, Japan. By Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP architects. Photos by Nacasa & Partners. Composed of roughly 6000 glass blocks strung together by stainless steel.

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Aiola Island Bridge Designed by Vito Acconci, this ‘island’ has a sunbathing area, a trendy bar and a coffee house, plus it allows you to cross the Mur River in Graz, Austria

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Archipelago: Ein Open-Air Kino nach unserem Geschmack

Built by Buro Ole Scheeren + Film on the​ Rocks Yao Noi Foundation in Thung Khao Luang, Thailand with date Images by Doug Bruce. The final night of the first edition of Film on the Rocks Yao Noi took place on Archipelago Cinema, designed by Germa.

Museum of Modern Art - MUMOK (MUseum MOderner Kunst), Vienna, Austria. EPIC!!

This is actually an art installation at (on?) the Vienna Museum of Modern Art. By Erwin Wurm: House attack - Vienna - Crazy Architecture From Around the World

Colorado River Bridge - An Engineering and Construction Marvel

Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge-----during construction---- (Colorado River Bridge), Hoover Dam Bypass, Arizona and Nevada .My husband and I were here at this time.

Church of the Transfiguration, Kizhi Pogost, Russia The builders names are unknown. A legend tells that the main builder used one axe for the whole construction, which he threw into the lake upon completion with the words "there was not and will be not another one to match it" According to the Russian carpentry traditions of that time, the Transfiguration Church was built of wood only with no nails.

The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour is in Kizhi Pogost, Russia. It is on the island of Kizhi in Lake Onega, Karelia. The church is made of wood.

Steps up to #Schlossberg. #Graz, Austria | photo by Alberto De Marco

These steps lead up to Schlossberg in Graz, Styria. On the top of the hill is a public park with an awesome view over the city © Alberto De Marco

What you are seeing here is the highest tennis court in the world. It is built at the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. The court is more than high. It was first a grass helipad but it was converted to a tennis court to help promote the Dubai Open.

Naruto whirlpools, Onaruto Bridge, Naruto, Tokushima and Awaji Island, Japan

Onaruto Bridge connecting Kobe and Naruto, Tokushima, Japan. The bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world and is also known for the Naruto whirlpools. The Naruto whirlpools are caused by tidal currents between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacifi