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Curly brunette ponytail, with a ribbon tied at the base over the elastic. x

Natural color- soo pretty, love it!

Wait, then there's this, which could be really pixie town and beatles-y and soft and girly and I could do it in a very deep red and get some good hydration workin...this maybe is the lady for me.

My role model I will follow her foot steps I will be in american idol then start my career in country music and the list goes on! (:

I want this hair! i want it to be summer so my hair can get almost this blond again!!

420416_10150617422634102_48453814101_9285158_660781997_n.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Lisa71887. Find other 420416_10150617422634102_4845381410...

Braided Bangs and Long Hair... I want my long hair back!

I’m all about a low maintenance look, but I find I still have to do a little extra work to take my natural wave to something that is more ‘done’, even if i’m going for a low key look like today’s beach waves. This one is super easy and should only take...

1) You are going to curl all your hair but, only at the down then comb it all out. 2) Then braid all your hair to the side. 3) Next start to pull a small piece from each of the braid. (Not very far just a little) 4) Spray your hair with hairspray and spray your bangs up NO BOBIE PINS for your bangs. 5) Now decor your hair with flowers, bows, and anything you can come up with