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(idgaf) I have the most amazing super power, it's call "I don't give a F*ck". Watch me use it. Lol! Only when provoked to stop giving a rat's ass, does my superpower get busy!

"I pretend to like people everyday. It's called being an adult and THAT is why we are allowed to buy alcohol." Some eCards

from Functional Shift

The Vernacular of Privilege

The Vernacular of Privilege: "Those who come to school speaking standard English as their language of nurture are in fact really nothing more than lucky. They are the possessors of a privilege that is just as insidious and just as invisible to most of them as the advantage of their own whiteness is to many white students and the advantage of their social status is to many middle- and upper-class students. And it is in just as desperate need of critical inquiry."

I love him... and by love I mean 51% of the time I don't want to punch him in the throat. | Confession Ecard |

I'm having one of those days that skipping coffee and going straight to booze seems completely acceptable. Happy Monday!