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This is the Sony Xperia X Concept. It is a high-end phone inspired by the first generation S tablet. The curved shape at the top and supporting internal curves on the sides offer a better grip. The back has a flipstand that opens and supports the phone, especially when you need to navigate the smartphone vertically or view a panoramic videos. The Xperia logo on the front works as an illuminator of notifications that adopts a different color for each application.

The Touch-Sense is a conceptual phone that replaces all conventional modes of interaction one has with a phone with touchscreens, the designer’s motive here was to create a phone that uses technology to simplify the phone’s visual design... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

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Philips Fluid smartphone with flexible OLED display

Concept Philips phone that rolls into a watch.


Windows Phone Surface Nova (Vidéo)

Windows Phone Concept