Storefront Pro by Ale Paul, via Behance

alphabet by Tony Ziebetzki, via Behance

Graphic Design


Denim Saloon : Dundee Day by Erin Elizabeth Schultz, via Behance

type by Dado Queiroz on dribbble

antonio rodrigues jr

the qualities of Handwritten type although working well on typography posters, i want to avoid them on this as i don't want to end up making it look illegible

Type type type

Paul Nolan

Mateusz Witczak

3d typography

Milkman website by Joluvian, via Behance

Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber, via Behance

Calligraphy collection by By Pokras Lampas

amper love

#1 Not only do I love the fonts in all of these designs or logo designs, but I like that they are all so different yet are all cohesive. I also like how the words are shaped in making the overall design shape. I like how retro the designs look. They look like they belong to a certain time era, culture. The designs look like they have history and have a story to tell. The imagery used are very aggressive and masculine, for example: brass knuckles, eagle, skeleton.

by Joluvian

Noem9 Jose Garrido→AVANTH typeface