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    Pomsky = Pomeranian + Husky

    Baby wolf howling for the first time

    pomsky puppies. i wannnnttt!

    Pomsky--Pomeranian and husky.

    This is a Fennec Hare...he looks like a kitty bunny.

    5 Most Amazing Hybrid Breeds

    you will never be this cute

    I WANT ONE. Husky/Corgi Mix!!

    Cutest Pomeranian Ever

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    I want one!!!



    Chocolate Pomeranian

    gorgeous husky Nikki Puccetti

    "Golden/Husky Mix" It's just a blue merle Australian shepherd puppy with--while possibly actually blue--overly photoshopped eyes. Merle is a hereditary coat pattern, and neither golden retrievers nor huskies carry the gene.

    how you like my shoes!?! Oh My Darlin' How precious!

    Cutest. Thing. Ever.

    Circle of Puppies

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    So fluffy!!