Pomsky = Pomeranian + Husky

♥ Huskies ♥



Australian Shepherd + Husky = Ausky | 11 Mixed Breed Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

you will never be this cute

Pomeranian / mini Australian Shepherd

I. Need. It.

Husky/Golden Retriever Mix!! I want



Full grown golden cocker retriever- looks like a puppy forever! I want one! adorable

Can someone please tell me what breed of dog this is so I can get one already?

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. Fun fact: After the second world war, there were only 8 of these in the entire world. Every single Leonberger today can be traced back to these.- AHH I NEED ONE OF THESE! Now. In my life. Now

Siberian Husky puppies. Love is not knowing when to be quiet so someone helps you.

OMG, that face how sweet, what a photo!! Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy - my first dog for my 9th birthday - had a face just as sweet as this little one! <3 #CockerSpaniel