LOL! made me laugh. Happy Mother's Day!

adios, bitchachos

Queen bitch

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Broke bitch

love this! TOO FUNNY, but scared the BE-JEE-BEES outa me when I watched The Wizzard of Oz when I was LITTLE!!!!

When I'm good, I'm really good. When I'm bad, I'll drop a house on your ass!

"Just relax and accept the crazy." This one needs framed and put up in my house!

Us Bitches, no kidding let it out it's been awhile


This is a wonderful bitch face too.

I love the bitch face, lol

...well it made me laugh.


Anne Taintor Products

Spend it, bitch.

Darling, You really don't need to drive me crazy... I am close enough to walk.