Photo Wall, Collage: Display family photos with this informal and playful bulletin board approach. Bonus: save the money you’d spend framing ‘em all.

Shiny Happy Apartment Ideas:  I want to do this to my wall!

we need a Polaroid to take pictures on the first day we move in and for every thing else we do in the apartment :D

Mood board at Emma Dime Studio (@emmadime), via Apartment 34 | Block Print Social

15 Real Life Mood Boards to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Craft Room Design and Organization Ideas

Craft Room Design and Organization Ideas

Your home office should be a place you feel and work great in. Here are some home office inspiration to help your space become just as successful as you!

Here's what happened when I tried to Pinterest my first apartment

This DIY inspiration + mood board displays imagery, text, and a few favorite memories in one place, without all of the clutter.

How to Print Polaroid Photos Without a Polaroid Camera & Make a Heart Collage or Montage in Two Easy Steps

Learn how to easily print Polaroid pictures without buying a Polaroid camera in two steps. Also, learn the best methods for creating a Polaroid photo collage on your wall using painter's tape or Fotoclips.


Love using the suitcases for storage in the office/craft space. Like I need another reason to want 100 more vintage suitcases.

easy and aesthetically pleasing

Is it possible to fall so deeply in love with an innate decorative object like so? Well, I just did. Pictures stacked out of frame. Idea: photos falling out of frame. Life is not a picture perfect frame.

eclectic  lapiz blue photo collage  artful imaginative

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What a great idea for #upcycling postcards (or greeting cards too): Much better than #recycling them or letting them collect dust in the attic! #DIY

Ideas Of Decoration Made From Old Postcards

Polaroid Pictures This wall art idea is by far the easiest we’ve seen. It looks effortless (because it is!), but it’s also pulled-together. Simply tape or tack personal photos or postcards of roughly the same size to a blank wall and wrap around a corner.

Renters' Inspiration: Gorgeous Rooms with White Walls From Our Tours | Apartment Therapy

Renters' Inspiration: Gorgeous Rooms with White Walls

Easy to Make Memo Board for Dorm Room or Kids Bedroom

Easy to Make Memo Board for Dorm Room or Kids Bedroom