For my sister?

haha, yea honey.


OMG so true, I always say people take my kindness for weakness but I got that crazy side you don't want to see lol

All neices are brilliant beautiful... ... and obviously take after their aunt.

I don't know karate...

not yet, but I'm close..


I will always be the best Aunt/Nanny that I can possibly be. I love my nieces & nephews w/ all my heart.

I totally thought of Sadie, my daughter, when I saw this. She says she's the princess and her sister is the maid. haha

Amen. I'm not only putting on my big girl panties, I'm putting on my bitch bra, my shit kicker boots and my spiked leather belt with the boy toy belt buckle. So don't tell me to "deal with it". I've got this covered.

Fab Aunt

LOL Would love to have this on a little handheld sign to hold up when drama arises!!!! :)

yeah true story lol

"I stay up late every night and realize it's a bad idea every morning." #quote #sotrue

Lol sooo true!!!

That about sums it up!

Danger: Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain...true...more times than I care to admit