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You make my life worth living, like u once said If I never met u my life would be a dull and boring life and u were right because I cant even imagine what I would do if u and I never became friends and I cant even remember a lot from the time before I met u.

I know you as a friend a best friend a sister You are there through ups and downs You make the day an adventure You make my life the funniest joke We fit like the moon and the sun We duel like dark VS. Light You made me laugh and have hope that I would.

You are my sunshine was my song from my mom to me. This will totally be over my baby's crib.

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@Maggie Moore Moore Moore Lakis-  this one is for you!!! (Melissa this made me laugh out loud).  Say what you want about the south.  I still feel like I have lived my life in the wrong half of the country, based on this description.

the south.what I wouldn't give to once again sit on the front porch of the southern homes I grew up in with my Mama!

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You Are My Sunshine Nursery Art Sunflower Art by LilyandVal Because Marissa is my sunshine Sunflowers Art, Chalkboard Qu.

There is no denying the ultimate comfort that a good bowl of macaroni & cheese offers up.  Thinking about this delicious homemade dish always reminds me of childhood. Back when my world mainly consisted of hand made meals that were constructed with love and possibly a little sunshine.  While I’m constantly trying to work on my own dinner game, recipe books that focus on shortcuts are my friend. ...

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You Are My Sunshine Free Printable - Between U & Me : I so love this. My now 22 year old baby girl and I would sing this every day on the way to daycare when she was a toddler. Heather, you're still my sunshine.