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I chose this picture because it was a really pretty picture. What made me like it was that it was a close up on the flowers so it had a lot of emphasis on those. Also I like how the sunset is a little faded but its not really because i think it looks really pretty with the sunset in the background, its not to simple.

You really have to admire a photographer who has the creative mind to even THINK of trying out this photo composition and then get to the lake shore in time for sunrise! Early morning sun cannot be hidden by the bright red umbrella that reflects on the beach tide - the sun just shines right through. Use of solid RED to stand out from the dark gray skies is an inspiration! -DianaDee

Sunflower - best flower ever - follows the sun because it's always looking for the bright side. :)

My Favorite flowers are Sunflowers. I dont really know why but they just always have been.