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This is a rare "Fire Opal" or Girasol, found in Mexico. It looks like there are little clouds inside.

FreeForm carved Fire Mexican Opal--- I can't believe it! The Arcane stone is real! (Hobbit)

Descloizite Descloizite is a rare mineral species consisting of basic lead and zinc vanadate, (Pb,Zn)2(OH)VO4, crystallizing in the orthorhombic system and isomorphous with olivenite.Locality: Berg Aukas (Berg Aukus), Grootfontein District, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia

rainbow-like sheen (rainbow obsidian) is caused by inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles (Nadin, 2007)

Marty Magic Storefrom Marty Magic Store

Crystal Ice - Mexican Fire Opal

Crystal Ice - Mexican Fire Opal ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ AUTRES MINERAUX - OTHER MINERALES ☞ ══════════════════════ BIJOUX ☞ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏