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That's awesome! Also, he is so hot with facial hair. It is really distracting

If I have a son, you can guarantee he will be the little old man from UP! one year for Halloween :)

Hahahahaha I know exactly which episode every single one is from! :)

Ways to make up to Red when I disappoint her.

What did I even just look at?? xD

Most girls would say this is romantic...I would say...this is how we gets ants and would clean for a week because of my OCD!!

Lol XD. The sad part is though, all of these guys are waay better at makeup than me. And I'm a girl. :p

One mans journey to recreate his girlfriends baby photos - Imgur

Possibly the best brother in the whole entire world.

You’re like the petal of a rose, you’re the damn best bitch of all my hoes.