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Yessss! #incredibles

Again, not only for soccer! For the people who don't play volleyball or know nothing about it, a pass is used in almost every single play! If you were wondering! I do have anger issues! *unleashes inner hulk right about now*

there are too many people that come to mind.

they usually already have multiple children by multiple men/women!

Family Guy Work Humor

Job & Work quote & saying So funny. I don't hate my job. The quote Description So funny. I don't hate my job

Comforting people

remind you of anyone? Rock' when Jack comforts Liz after she ate too much chuckle, ew!

I hate people!!!!

and the milk in your fridge expired 1 month ago. I don't hear you saying "but there's still milk in it", you're throwing it out, no matter what's left in the jug.