so true ;) i love my sister....she picked me up and threw me down one time for throwing a key chain at her.....gotta love the sibling rivalry....

I am the out spoken one so if u dnt like what i say well i advice u not to ask u will get a great special shitty coating on top of your dumm shit


be kind

My sister said to take 365 Index Cards and just write the DATE (not the year) on each one... each day write something GOOD that happened on that day. So when you come around next year... on that same day, you can look back and always see the good...

I love my friends

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So true!

So true!

true that

"...and laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!" sooooo going in the "big girl's" room!!!


My favorite thing is making my husband fills me with joy! ^_^ He makes me laugh constantly- it's only fair! ♡

sneaky ;)

Me too.

ha ha true that!

I love my sister