Lol everything on the internet is true

ha ha ha.....this is soooo funny!! Same as when Betty White advises to get 8 hours of sleep every night, 9 hours if you are ugly!!!

Hee hee...



Of course!


bahahaha yes.

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oh this made me LOL

Not the correct answer?! What is then?'ll be alright. Just rub some Vagisil on it, ya big pussy!

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: You really can't fix stupid. You sure as hell can laugh at it, though.

It is impressive that you are flexible enough to have your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass all at the same time.


lmao! beautiful monkey. *wolf-whistle* hahaha..prolly REPIN this to get some assurance & validation. lol darn this blunt card... :))) jeanaii ♥


Good one! Bahahaha!

Too funny!