• Lisa Roberts

    Five Poster Designs Inspired by The Great Depression — Free Downloads from ReadyMade Magazine

  • Snails Delicatessen

    I need some local food posters, like this one @the3robbers

  • toni

    eat local, and go to farmer's markets.

  • The Garrison - Garrison, NY

    Eat Local, buy local, grow local. Come visit Valley at The Garrison in the Hudson Valley where we support eating, buying and growing local foods.

  • Amy S.

    Christopher Silas Neal food illustrations

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3D printed concrete planter brick by Emerging Objects.

3D printed ceramics by Olivier Van Herpt.

Fogponic unit by Vakant Design, grows veggies indoors & in style.

Insect Hotel

Watering can by Peter Holmblad.

Eathouse, the temporary house you eat. Made of edible greens.

Patrick Nadeau

Catalog and preserve local seed varieties, fight homogeny from commercial growing.

Moss buffet

Apartment compost & farm.

–Airdrop by Edward Linacre draws moisture out of air (even in dry regions) and turns it to water.

solar dehydrator

--Article describing vertical skyscraper farms.

–Micro Garden domestic greenhouse by Simen Aarseth.

// Encompass

–Like the organic shape of Florent Coirier's Ukiyoe (floating garden), might be a good alternative hanging system for a window farm. Also, great lighting at florentcoirier.com

Floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio is a aquaponic biofilter for nano fish aquariums.

–Recycled wine bottles as pots for hydroponic grown herbs.

A Warre hive.

--Mobile green wall by Greenworks. Looks like they're using something like wooly pockets to hold the plants.

--G’erme is a fully biodegradable germinator.

Seed germination kit allows view of the entire plant during germination, from the roots to the leaves.

--Idea: String gardens, combined with aquaponics. The string is actually a hollow tube transporting water.

–Rugiada watering device is inserted into the ground. Its sensors automatically register soil and air humidity and analyzes timetable and the type of irrigation for your soil (atomization, revolving, sprinkle, dropping). I'm skeptical of it's accuracy.

vertical gardening patrick blanc, Icon Hotel Hong Kong...incredible!