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  • Shiny B

    The red cage fungus is the missing link between organisms and soccer balls

  • D. Nuttz

    Amazing natural beauty Red Cage Fungus

  • Nicole Kung

    ✿ Red Cage Fungus looks like a buckyball ~ Also known as Red Basket or Cage Fungi. The Phallaceae, or stinkhorns, are a family of basidiomycetes which produce a foul-scented, phallus-shaped mushroom. ✿

  • Rozlin Myers

    Red Cage Fungus / Sacred geometry

  • Noble Beast

    Red Cage Fungus, photo by Carol Knudsen

  • BradleyJ. Nicholls

    Red Cage Fungus (Clathrus ruber) / Yes, it is real. And yes, bizarrely, it is completely natural. It's edibility has not been officially documented, however similar funghi in their egg forms are considered delicacies in some parts of Europe and Asia. This being said, an 1854 report provides a cautionary tale to those considering consuming the mature fruit body. Dr. F. Peyre Porcher, of Charleston, South Carolina, described an account of poisoning caused by the mushroom: "A young person having eaten a bit of it, after six hours suffered from a painful tension of the lower stomach, and violent convulsions. He lost the use of his speech, and fell into a state of stupor, which lasted for forty-eight hours. After taking an emetic he threw up a fragment of the mushroom, with two worms, and mucus, tinged with blood. Milk, oil, and emollient fomentations, were then employed with success." (much of this via Wikipedia: