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    Fruit menu

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    Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fruit #health #fruit #vitamins #naturalhealth

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    The benefits of eating fruit! #motivation #healthy #food #eating

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More reasons to eat fruit! Also you should really read the benefits of being a vegetarian, I know I know bacon tastes sooo good, but you know what after finding out what meat really does to your body I STOPPED! I am perfectly happy :)

eating with the seasons, when fruits and veggies are at their best

just a couple little fun facts. the watermelon one is helpful for me cuz i have a high heart rate when i give blood!

Graph showing what produce is in season when. Helps your family eat the most nutritious produce possible and makes the grocery budget go further at the same time!

Strawberry shortcake kabobs. ((Simplify: refrig sugar cookie roll))

Fruit Pizza — I will use GF flour....yummy! The kids will love this!

A list of fruits/vegetables and what months they are in season. Very helpful when food shopping & cooking!

FATTY LIVER DIET FOODS - Healing Benefits of Ginger. Reverse, treat & cure fatty liver disease by following a raw food liver cleansing detox diet. Learn how to do an advanced LIVER FLUSH the #1 natural fatty liver disease treatment/cure in the world. I LIVER YOU

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