Oooo I like this wedding party idea, too!

Cutest photo we've seen ツ | Black + White wedding photo idea | Photo Credit Matt Andrews Photography

I am not usually into wedding stuff, but I really want a photographer who would let me do this

This picture will be taken at my wedding. Hehe(:

Having the bridal party pray over the new husband and wife, great idea!

Cute Wedding Photo Idea

wedding photo

love this shot

Wedding party photo ideas. there are some I really like! 16, 9, and especially 5!

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

love this

Such a cute photo idea!

Wedding Photo Idea: The bride isn't complete without her bridesmaids. In this shot, the dresses of her bridesmaids are highlighted though the focus is on the bride herself.

Beautiful Picture Idea

This is a super cute pose! Love it

will be taking this photo

pre-wedding photo ideas.

Country Wedding Photo Wish I had the money to get married again!! Oh what a wedding I could plan now that I'm older :)

this is how a wedding should begin

Beautiful barn wedding aisle with burlap runner. I choose red or light pinkAFB