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  • Starlightcrow

    "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations" -George Orwell #quote

  • Sylvia

    That's the truth... and boy have most journalist been doing a lot of free public relations for Obama and his administration!!!! They have failed the American people by not doing their jobs!!!!

  • CaroLovesThat

    Journalism is... #life #lessons #inspirational #worlds #revolution #protest #true #feminism #equality #poverty #compassion #empathy #journalism #justice #homophobia #racism #social #discrimination #quotes #signs #politicians #religion #democracy

  • Tyler Cannon

    That'll be me, giving the world the real truth:)

  • Scott Topper

    Mademoiselle Serendipity: Art Crush :Street art #publicspeaking

  • Brenda Ray

    Journalism quote - George Orwell, Haha. Truth.

  • Angi Peek

    Journalism is printing what others don't wish printed. Public relations is... #truth Interesting point of view here. Thought I would share.

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