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Facebook and exes are trouble.. haha! Loving shutupimtalking.com !

Sometimes I hate being a girl…

Cuz bitch don't forget I know the real you in real life. Facebook makes me dislike people I know and pinterest makes me like people I dont know.

Facebook life!

Gotta go to the Bank http://www.ShutUpImTalking.com

Would you just please for ONCE in your life take a photo that isn't hiding your entire body? Thanks fatty:). Still photoshopping away I see! Sucks you're still ugly. Can you get a life and remove his family already? You're Soooooo pathetic! Let Go!

I hate the accuracy of the last comment

Facebook pictures...

All of your Facebook statuses say everyone causes drama in your life. Cleary everyone else is the problem. Seriously, there's not a chance in hell it's you.

Facebook tagged images of me.

How to Stop Idiots from Using the Internet

Guinea pig

I love the fact you hate me, it means I get to you and I don't even have to try. Ain't life great bitch?

Not sure if liking a sad facebook status shows support or if it means I like their sadness. Facebook etiquette: first world problems. #futurama #frymeme

Frozen on Facebook, DYING LAUGHING! But look away if you don't want to spoil the movie ;)

Gafas de sol, permitiéndote ver a las personas sin que se den cuenta. Es como facebook en la vida real.


So true...