This is an incredibly descriptive eye. I like how there's a skull in it, as if it's looking death in the eye.

Drawing Hands - M.C. Escher

Rough Street Art #graffiti #urbanart #arteurbana #streetart #grafite


I really like how the picture is like a real eye with the trees as the eyelashes and the waterfall as tears but it also incorporates nature in well

Bom.K - Bomkdraws462, 2012                               Drawings French Street Artist. Member of crew DMV (Da Mental Vapors) from France.

High and Low - M.C. Escher

Salvador Dali

M.C. Escher print I have never seen this one

Dark Art

Fish & Boat - M.C. Escher

Siiick - Saatchi Artist Thomas Saliot; Painting, "Close up teary eye" anyone that can paint or draw or digitally paint or draw depth and emotion in an eye is mega talented. It's incredibly difficult to do and very few can successfully do it. That's why eyes are typically empty, black, closed or non existent in art.

Saatchi Online Artist Joel Wright; Painting, "Seer Beyond Identity" #art

Look into my eyes...


Iris (We Share our Chemistry with the Stars) LG 280L (2009) by Marc Quinn