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Charley • 3 years ago


  • miss_havoc
    miss_havoc • 1 year ago

    pygmey hogs r sooo cute

  • Abi Mae Jensen
    Abi Mae Jensen • 1 year ago


  • Shelby Bennett
    Shelby Bennett • 1 year ago

    My husband and I hunt wild hog...they tear up our cattle and horse fencing and tear up the crop lands.

  • Malin Pitt
    Malin Pitt • 1 year ago

    Good pic

  • Laura Jablonski
    Laura Jablonski • 1 year ago

    Hunting? These? That was a rude comment....

  • Christina Kelley
    Christina Kelley • 1 year ago

    I hunt them with my dad, we usually only catch the bigger ones but we have had the dogs pin down some smaller ones from time to time. Wild hogs are very dangerous and destructive creatures and no farmers like them

  • Leslie Aitken
    Leslie Aitken • 1 year ago

    I imagine the wild hogs aren't too fond of farmers either!

  • beany
    beany • 1 year ago

    Uh, the farmers are the ones inadvertently responsible for the wild hogs...let a domesticated pig lose, and they revert in a generation or two. Dreadful for the environment, since there aren't any natural predators to contain them. And if you ever run across one in the woods - dangerous to humans, possibly deadly. It's legal and encouraged to hunt them most places with wild hog problems.

  • Jackie Sanders
    Jackie Sanders • 1 year ago

    Javelinas make great pets if you get them when they're really young. They're super sweet and really snugly.

  • Jammey Howard
    Jammey Howard • 1 year ago

    It's the circle of life ppl, ease up! It's the way the good lord intended! Lets have some of those who think its mean try to make a living off of a crop that's been destroyed by them & see how they fare! I'm sick of the tearing up my orchards, ruining hay fields & scaring my horses. Yes we hunt the & yes we eat them.

  • Jacqueline Rae
    Jacqueline Rae • 1 year ago

    Survival is a total different story, but i just can't fathom the fact that someone could murder any animal as a "sport". It's SO BACKWOODS and it is NOT a normal lifestyle. People who murder for fun are no different or any less demented as children who torture animals & grow up to be serial killers. @Christina Kelley, I guarantee you're from Kansas or somewhere along the lines, those are typically the only breed of people who think this shits actually normal.

  • Amy Buck-Johnson
    Amy Buck-Johnson • 1 year ago

    Wow! Really.... We are all different.... Nothing is actually normal

  • Dawn Stephens-Lambright

    Well I guess I'm backwoods as well, I live deep in the piney woods of east Texas. I don't personally hunt any animal, nor have I ever but the wild hogs around here are very dangerous. They are harmful and deadly to domesticated animals and wreak havoc on the farmers crops here. Perhaps you've had fresh vegetables, and those farmers have to protect their crops from the hogs. As much as I loathe the fact that they have to be killed, it has to be done. They breed and grow very fast, I couldn't kill one but I understand why it has to be done. Perhaps we could send some to your area so we wouldn't have to kill them.

  • Jenna Abrams
    Jenna Abrams • 1 year ago

    @ Jackie Rae seriously... If you have no good opinion then keep it to yourself. I'm a hunter and I've shot deer, squirrel, bird... The list goes on. We eat what we kill mostly. Basically I'd like to say shut your shit up. Just because you don't approve of hunting, doesn't mean we as hunters are in the same category as serial killers you wack twat. I'm from Ohio, live in Kentucky, wouldn't have it any other way. Plus deer for instance, they have different seasons for certain animals. It's basically population control for each state.

  • Kathy Coon
    Kathy Coon • 1 year ago

    Well I hunt and I'm from California, course that's NORTHERN california. So that could technically make me a "Backwoods". But guess what? I am not one bit ashamed of that and neither are my kids. Oh ya, none of us turned out to be serial killers either. We just like to know where our food comes from..

  • Jennifer McKim
    Jennifer McKim • 1 year ago

    Jackie surgically removes HER bacon from pigs and releases them into the wild

  • Freya G.
    Freya G. • 1 year ago

    The number of "trophy hunters" in the US who do not use the meat from their kills is much smaller than most people realize. And the few who don't are hunting animals that need artificial population control like wild pigs, deer, and bears. If you want to know more about hunting in CA and the lowdown of the bills which might affect hunting in the near future, click the following link.

  • Geraldine Murphy
    Geraldine Murphy • 1 year ago

    Oh God, how cute!

  • Tina Heth
    Tina Heth • 1 year ago

    @Jackie Rae from north dakota, no woods up here so its hard to believe id be considered backwoods but i know very few people who DONT hunt up here. Anyone whose ever had their car destroyed by a deer (which are many) agrees that population control up here is needed. Also wasting disease is spreading rampantly through the white tails because there are still to many. We eat more deer meat than cow or pig because its cheaper and frankly tastes better and isnt chalked full of fillers and artificial crap. I dont take joy in death. I'm not a heartless murderer but id rather put a bullet in a kill spot than watch the deer in my area slowing starve to death due to some abnormal protein infecting them

  • Bambi Arredondo
    Bambi Arredondo • 1 year ago

    Hunting should be only to provide for food and not a sport. These babies are precious.

  • Geraldine Murphy
    Geraldine Murphy • 1 year ago

    Yes, you are absolutely right Bambi. It is so pathetic do hunt animals for fun - an occupation for brain-dead people

  • Madyson Edwards
    Madyson Edwards • 1 year ago

    What you do not realize is that when we hunt for fun..we eat all the meat as well. What's the harm? Nothing.

  • Bambi Arredondo
    Bambi Arredondo • 1 year ago

    Hunting should not be for FUN. It is killing a living being..they too sense fear as you and I do and they want to live as you do.

  • Christina Cavin
    Christina Cavin • 1 year ago

    All animals are precious and should be respected. God put them on this Earth for a purpose. For some, they offer humans companionship and protection, others offer protein and nourishment for human consumption, others are meant to clean the Earth...we all have a purpose. I have nothing against hunting or farming animals for food as long as the animal is respected and treated with the respect as God intended. If you have ever eaten beef that is not from a free-range, hormone-free, grass-fed, are more cruel than any hunter, without even knowing it. Watch Food, Inc. if you want to see REAL cruelty to animals in action, ad this is what you are buying from your local grocery store.

  • Tina Heth
    Tina Heth • 1 year ago

    me to

  • Ashley Stone
    Ashley Stone • 1 year ago

    I agree with Dawn. I am from the Piney Woods, as well. Hunting is how we feed our children. There are places in the world that NEED to hunt, like here. We live 40 minutes from the nearest grocery store, so going shopping for food every week is too expensive for us. We don't tease the animals or make them suffer. It is our way of living that many generations before us have done. We are proud to know that our children can feed themselves if ever in their lives they need to do so. We don't kill more than we can eat, and we always obey the hunting laws.

  • Bambi Arredondo
    Bambi Arredondo • 1 year ago

    As it should be Dawn. Not for sport.

  • Ali Fitzgerald
    Ali Fitzgerald • 1 year ago

    Thank you Christina, for saying it so perfectly.

  • Christina Cavin
    Christina Cavin • 1 year ago

    You are so welcome!

  • Zulma Hidalgo
    Zulma Hidalgo • 1 year ago

    @Jackie Rae this is probably the most hateful, rude, prejudiced comment I've ever read on Pinterest! You have the right to your opinion but please be respectful. You have no idea how ignorant you sound.

  • Jadin Kaufman
    Jadin Kaufman • 1 year ago

    My motto for hunters. If you aren't going to eat it, don't kill it. Period.

  • Shauna Theobald
    Shauna Theobald • 1 year ago

    It's kinda funny how this is going because all you people going on about how hunting shouldn't be for fun yada yada. I am not a hunter myself but you know what where does the meat come from that you buy in the grocery store?! Who kills them? And most of the meat you buy go through so many different processes to actually get to the grocery store and may even have stuff added to them. The cows go through abuse and torture to be killed (I saw a video on it once I could only watch 5 minutes and couldn't watch anymore) At least hunting, you know your meat will be fresh and you can get a whole deer, or whatever for free unless you pay for a butcher. Wild hogs are not cute little things. They only stay cute for so long until they become a nuisance to farmers and their gardens/crops and other animals.

  • Janeen Gielniak
    Janeen Gielniak • 1 year ago

    I have to agree with Zulma Hidalgo. We all have different opinions. I am a vegetarian and animal lover. I believe hunting should only be done for food. But, I respect the fact that not everyone shares my ideals. We can disagree but lets do it without the insults. Animals in nature do what they know how to do...whether this is the squirrel that eats your bird seed or these little pigs that grow up and destroy farms. I'd like to think there is a more humane way for farmers to deal with them but I'm not a farmer and I don't know enough about this to comment on it!

  • kimberly whitely
    kimberly whitely • 1 year ago

    LoL so cute

  • Theresa Minihan
    Theresa Minihan • 1 year ago

    @Jacqueline Rae, I'm extremely offended by your comment "I guarantee you're from Kansas or somewhere along the lines, those are typically the only breed of people who think this shits actually normal." I'm from Kansas and proud of that fact. What 'breed of people' in Kansas are different from any other state?!?! You have just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt your ignorance and extreme bigotry.