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We Tried It! - Discovery Bottles

Some more ideas regarding discovery/science bottles. @Design Hub Boettner . . . we may need to incorporate more of these!

Calming Sensory Bottles-Fill bottle one-fourth to one-third full with light corn syrup-Add mylar (shiny) confetti in the shape or shapes of your choice-Seal tightly using hot glue if available. Why It Is Calming-Try it and you'll see! The syrup glides down the sides of the bottle very slowly; bringing the confetti right along. No wonder this one is sometimes called a Stress Bottle-This is one of the kids crafts that is great for a child with ADHD. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Mind Jar -- meditation tool for all ages: "when stressed, overwhelmed, or upset, imagine the glitter as your thoughts/emotions. when you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts/emotions. then watch as they slowly settle together, and you calm down."

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Fireworks in a Jar

Science Experiment for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan - Fireworks in a Jar - Site also has other related easy science activities - Great for Prediction and Vocabulary of related words.

Glitter Germs! Put it on the teacher's hands, and then have everyone, including the teacher, shake hands with everyone. Notice how the "germs" spread! A good little reminder for the typical "wash your hands" talk when flu season is in full swing.

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Homemade Sprinkler

Beat the heat tomorrow by making this DIY sprinkler! No need to go and buy one. The kids will have more fun making it themselves.