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For that hard alt-rock fan in all of us... Not exactly an unheard of band anymore, but these guys make music videos worth watching again...

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out * Regrets collect like old friends * Here to relive your darkest moments * I can see no way, I can see no way * And all of the ghouls come out to play * And every demon wants his pound of flesh * But I like to keep some things to myself * I like to keep my issues drawn * It's always darkest before the dawn

Creed - With Arms Wide Open..I really like the way he pronounces the word open. His sound and tone is unusually rare

Today we lost one of the greatest voices in music... the unparalleled Etta James. So glad that I was able to experience her live. RIP Etta, you will be missed <3

Pop Musicians Who Should Be Superstars But Aren’t

hey, hey you want to play, well baby I can go and go, and every other day you're running off with so and so, well baby I would throw you if I didn't know you but I'm paying for it

We have speakers in our kitchen and living room so when I'm sad, I just blast this song, and I'm always much, much better. <3 -H

This is impeccably put together. Just magical. The Morning Benders - Excuses (Yours Truly session)