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Ain't that a bitch?! It is very evident that "Stand Your Ground" does not apply to black people... Amerikkka, Amerikkka! - Nicky J.

The Federal Government has no supremacy | Explanation by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, authors of The Constitution INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

Would you consider people who believe abortion is used as 'birth control', to value human life? I didn't think so either.

Everyone deserves the same equal treatment, period. If their own personal actions have made them worthy of punishment, then that is not because of their identity or being, but because of their actions.

Everyone wants to have faith in the election process. Purge dead and illegal voters from all state records and require ID from all voters. Elections should be free of fraud!

Please take a moment to repin this, you could be helping someone tremendously by doing so // Also, suicide hotlines are really sketchy because they'll call the cops on you and trace your call so only call them if you're really thinking about doing it