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  • Amy O'Neal

    Sign the petition to keep federal stafford student loan interest rates at 3.4% and not increase to 6.8%. Returning the federal Stafford loan’s interest rate to 6.8% could add an additional $1,000 of debt per year, to many American families.

  • Michaela Ashley  💙TBCI

    GUYS WE HAVE TO STOP SOPA if you don't know what that's is its Stop Online Piracy Act if it passes we will not be able to write fan fictions, to make fan art, run a fan page, and cover songs PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE AND SIGN THE PETITION WE NEED 8,902 more signatures so we can stop it PLEASE REPIN

  • Tonya Jesienouski

    Sign this White House Petition to require ALL states to have licensed school counselors in EVERY school K - 12! (Need to create a quick petition account--short and easy)

  • Judy Hanses

    we petition the obama administration to: to Impeach all politicians who signed the Norquist oath in violation of their oath to the government of the USA./ Not going to happen, but just imagine if it did....hmmmm.

  • Angelica Vasquez

    Sign the Petition to remove the 1000+ sq foot zoning requirements currently in place in most states, initiated by lenders/municipalities (larger debt, more money) It limits the ability of Americans to achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership. States should be required to remove these laws so that more families can live within their financial means, in a structure that suits their needs, and supports their environmentally held beliefs.

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