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    • T.K. Hanie

      This. This. This. #childfree <--- I really, really love this. I'm getting "why aren't you married" to my long term bf at the moment. The kid stuff will come no doubt.

    • Ayep B

      quotes about not having kids - Google Search

    • Lena

      no kids.

    • Teddy Reardon

      Child Free by Choice. I hate children and so does my dog. We're perfect together.

    • Becca Wheeler

      This. This. This. #childfree! Omg! Stumble upon! Wish I had this on a business card to hand out to people. Take a moment to realize that it takes MORE thought to decide to not have kids than to have kids.

    • MissJoy AndPain

      My life choices have everything to do with me and nothing to do with you, so please don't feel offended by them (AND it doesn't means I hate children, either). I choose not to risk passing on a painful disabling genetic disorder and have a child living in constant pain because of a selfish need to have biological children, in addition to the extreme physical pain and irreversible damage the hormones of pregnancy could do to my hips and legs.

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    Women are people

    Amazing points. LX POWERFUL.


    bphoto2015: June 28, 2015 | Tom TOLES | What woman should they put on the new $10 bill?

    It happens all the time.

    Wake-up call: Gender-based violence kills and maims more than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war COMBINED. Don't tell me we don't need #feminism

    excerpt from "The Gender Knot" #feminism #books #feministbooks


    Feminism 101

    true facts.

    "Mr Lyndon dismissively characterises the view that male religious circumcision isn't comparable to FGM as "nitwit feminism in which males are of no consequence at all". I disagree entirely. Given the blindingly obvious practical and medical differences between the procedures, it is deeply irresponsible to attribute the different treatment of these topics as some sort of underhanded feminist conspiracy. To do so threatens simultaneously to generate unwarranted attacks on religious practice, and undermine the important campaign against FGM."

    Yes, what a nightmare for individuals of a gender to be treated as ornamental objects unable to make decisions for themselves.

    The fallacy of telling girls "it could be worse" & calling 1st world sexism "equality" #feminism

    NOW tell me that women are treated equally. #Feminism

    Say what you will about Jane Fonda. She is spot on with this topic.

    Love this!

    Read "translation"

    "Violence against women and women’s inequality are not separate issues, they’re part of the same package." WOMEN’S CRISIS CARE INTERNATIONALI endorse this blog

    Woman Walking Alone Inviting Men To Leave Her The F**k Alone. | SBS Comedy. " A woman who walks alone on the streets of her own city has extended a warm invitation for men to leave her the fuck alone coming in direct conflict with remarks made by Albury Mayor Kevin Mack who said that a woman walking alone is ‘an invitation for someone to take advantage of you’. The general public remains confused with no idea who to believe, as both sides are equally experienced in what it is like to be a woman."

    Alas for the GOP, the gender gap preceded Senate candidate Todd Akin, and the comments have continued since then: the Idaho legislator who asked last month whether a gynecological exam on a woman could be conducted by having her swallow a camera; the New Hampshire legislator who said a Democratic congresswoman would lose because she’s “ugly as sin”; another New Hampshire legislator who argued that men make more than women because “they don’t mind working nights and weekends” or “overtime or outd

    LEGO needs to see this comic. Immediately. Feminism gender equality for children

    Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem! | MAKERS INFOGRAPHIC

    Are we really so different that we must be horrified of one of them uncovered, and completely okay with the other? this is now my most favorited post ever