Papua New Guinea | New Guinea headdress of classical form, with cowrie shell headband, a large ovoid shell apex, and strings of seeds and shells to either side; the whole crowned with a dense spread of black cassowary feathers | Est. 2,500 - 3,500$

People of Burning Man 2013

Love sea shells ideas, looking for new inspiration for my shells jewelry. Find more here:

Gold Skull & Black Feather Headdress Warrior.

bad ass


A mix of blue eyed Sheherazad and Cleopatra ! Not the kind of stuff you can wear everyday but this is aboslutely gorgeous for a princess look.


designer: rob goodwin, photographer: diego indraccolo Costume for a ballet, headdress for a fashion show.

feather headress

feathers and flowers

gallery 1- one of a kinds - barbara umbel jewelry design

Bilum bag, New Guinea Highlands. | Richly decorated with feathers, different type of shells and glass beads and has probably belonged to an important figure such as a great hunter, warrior or a sorcerer.

Crown of Bones... Skull and Horn Headdress with Earthy Texture via Etsy


Qing Dynasty kingfisher feather hairpin Made in the 19th century

CUSTOM ORDER FOR mandycharletonwillia by bluesugarbridal on Etsy, $148.00

CUSTOM ORDER Midsize & Large Feather Mohawk by MissGDesignsShop, $350.00 on Etsy

Oceanic Art - Shell cache-sex, West Sepik, Papua New Guinea

Necklace | Alexander Calder. c. 1940. Hammered brass.