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Papua New Guinea | New Guinea headdress of classical form, with cowrie shell headband, a large ovoid shell apex, and strings of seeds and shells to either side; the whole crowned with a dense spread of black cassowary feathers | Est. 2,500 - 3,500$

Bilum bag, New Guinea Highlands. | Richly decorated with feathers, different type of shells and glass beads and has probably belonged to an important figure such as a great hunter, warrior or a sorcerer.


Gold Coin Headdresses : Milko Boyarov jewelry

Gold Coin Headdress

Papua New Guinea | A karahut ~ Abelam/Maprik ~ pectoral | Woven fiber panel applied with a carved head, cowrie and nassa shells, and boar's tusks, over-modeled with clay and painted in red and black. | Est. 2,000 - 3,000$

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Necklace stand Home decor -Moni - Authentic Ancient Tribal shell jewelry

Papua New Guinea | Shell and plant fiber necklace

Karahut from the Maprik people ~ East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea | Woven cotton figure with pair of pig tusks attached as double horns; accented with cowrie shells and red, blue and yellow natural pigments. | Est. 1,000 - 1,500$


Coiffe cérémonielle - Peuple Sulka Nouvelle Bretagne - PNG. Bambou, écorce

Papua New Guinea | Ceremonial headdress from the Sulka people of New Britain | Bamboo, bark, elderberry, feathers and pigment | Est. 1 200 - 1 500 €