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Sorry, but I can't stop laughing over this one... Hah!

So funny and so true! But you must believe to achieve, and see to believe. Pinterest enables me to "see" things in my life that are not yet present :-)

hahaha it's so funny cause i was seriously tell shane this the other night! soooo true!!!!!

Sorry, but I can't stop laughing over this one... Hah! Sooo true!

Oh my goodness, I laughed at this! SO true and so funny!

Ain't that the truth. This made me laugh haha.

Truth. Just planning my life on Pintrest! ;]

Funny stuff!



Hahaha! I'd have to subtract 8-10 lbs because the brain weighs 3 lbs but my boobs weigh way more than that!

I'm smart, can I subtract 10 pounds? And I have huge boobs so how about another 10 pounds?

so true!!!...I think I could easily subtract 10-20lbs! (I'm really smart! LMFAO)

bahahah! well...except i have to subtract like 10lb for my boobs & brain.

Okay, I may have to subtract 10 lbs (.) (.) Ha! HA!

I'd better subtract #10 pounds, and not because of the brain!

Now this is some funny stuff!

Haha I agree! So funny!!

Haha...good idea!


This is so sadly true. The first day in Japan, jet-lagged and semi-functioning, we HAD to get our new cell phones. It didn't matter that we only knew 3 people on the island. We were naked with our phones. How did I make it through college without a cell phone?

#true #cellphones #teamapple #Iphone Don't want to lose your phone but dislike your service? Flash your cell phone to any mobile provider in five full minutes!

Without my cell phone, I wouldn't answering questions about my life in hundreds of texts....I WOULD be LIVIN' It!

How did we ever survive without cell phones? This is so sad, but so true!!!!

Without my cell phone, I wouldn't... true story. It's disgusting.

haha so true! wow i wonder what people did before cell phones?!

My life would suck without you, cell phone.

so sad, but sooooo true!

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I want to punch you in the face....haha true story

True know where you fall :-}

LOL true story of my life

lolol true story bro

This is oh so true.

hahah true story

funny stuff



True that!

This is sooooo true :-) One day I'm going to throw a party and invite all my pinterest fun would that be? I'm totally serious.

This is sooooo true!! <3 my pinterest friends - y'all know who you are :D

Pinterest Friends quotes quote friends truth pinterest pinterest quotes

This is sooooo true! Hello |

This is sooooo true! Love my Pinterest Friends!

Pinterest friends :) This is sooooo true!

Pinterest friend, haha so true!!!

Pinterest addict? Yep!!

haha true story

I was just thinking that yesterday...

Isn't that the truth. That is what they were saying on the radio recently. And the ex- wanted to sue her for "his share" ??? Go figure!!!!

Ha! I guess that break up ended being the best thing to ever happen to her!

i've never thought of that before...but it's true

Best thing that ever happened to her! haha

Never thought about it that way!

I've thought this as well :) to be that guy

karma is a lovely thing


Oui! Trop vrai! Au primaire, c'était le bonheur!

This is so true!!! Sometimes they even had to thread film through the projectors, that was the late 80's!

hahaha! so true. That meant.......NAP TIME!!!!#

Childhood memories haha so so true !!

haha 90s kid...omg!! Sooo true!

so true! Nap time! :))

'90s kids. So true

true story #90sKid

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We’re about to take a trip down memory lane, but first let’s dig into lunch. Yesterday Ryan and I had a small group of friends over to hang out and play board games. Everyone brought some snacks to share and we had a few Publix chicken tenders leftover in our fridge today, so I chopped... Read More »


I wanted to grow up too fast. I always tell the kids I know to cherish being a child, cause it sucks being an adult! ; )

"Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done."-- I think it should say "Becoming"

So true, tell me again why I wanted to grow up so fast?

True Story... damn... why did I grow up ?? 😳

Being an adult ruined my life :/

True story of being an adult.

the dumbest thing true story

Funny stuff



Free, Confession Ecard: Good judgment comes from experience, and experience %7E well, that comes from poor judgment.

Good judgement comes from experience, and experience ~ well, that comes from poor judgement. - some ecards, your ecards, judgement, good judgement, poor judgement

Took me a whole book, this ecard wrapped up my life story in one sentence. (from Glennon at Momastry)

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience %7E well, that comes from poor judgment. | Confession Ecard

Funny Confession Ecard: Good judgment comes from experience, and experience ~ well, that comes from poor judgment.@

Judgement, some-ecards, your-ecards, judgement, good-judgement, poor-judgement; SO true!

Took me a whole book, this ecard wrapped up my life story in one sentence.

True Story. good judgement + poor judgement

well said E-card, well said


Goodness...this is sooooo me!!! I LOVE laughter!!!! Some memories give me the best laughs of my life!!!! Totally me!!!

Yeah I do this....... But I laugh about things that happened like... 3 years ago.

I LOVE laughter!!!! Some memories give me the best laughs of my life!!!!

I love laughing REALLY you can ask my friends they be like " ha ha YA"

yep...especially when I'm around funny people for a long time. :)

HOLY CHILLY CHEESE DOGS. that's totally me¡!!!!!!!!!!!"

How me and my friends roll and it boss

yup so true.

Funny stuff


This makes me smile and giggle every time ☺

so true and so very guilty of this!

So true...thankful for sarcasm.

That's the truth.

True story.

So true.

my life


A collection of funny things we find while wasting time online.


Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

Hated smoking sections in restaurants when I was growing up!

Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like...

I hate smoking sections!

Smoking is gross.

^^ no smoking

Funny stuff!

True facts!

so funny


My dads Aunty Kathleen used to do this all the time, she laughed so hard, she made us all laugh,and we didn't have a clue what was so funny! Apart from laughter itself. Contagious! Good memories.xx

OMG, this is totally me!!!! I can't even count how many times in life I end up laughing so hard Im crying and noone else gets the joke because Im laughing so hard I can't even speak!! lol

One reason I can't tell people about funny stuff that happens! I look like a total weirdo trying not to laugh so hard and spit it out lol

this is so true about me, I love to be able to laugh so hard that It hurts and I start crying. Now that's intense.

We just think we are so funny, only to say the punch line we are laughing so hard about to get a sympathy chuckle from the other party!! Lmao

This is the story of my life. Except I'm usually crying from laughing so hard.

happens all the time. i can never finish a funny story!!

Happens all the time when telling funny stories. :)

:) this happens with my sisters all of the time!

hahaha that's so true

oh goodness this is so true! then the outfit just sits there waiting for its "special occasion" lol: Quotes, Truth, My Life, Outfit, So True, Thought, True Stories

haha. sad but true. When I'm in front of my closet picking an outfit there's a list of questions that I make to me,myself and I.... This is always on my mind!!! hahahahaha ... tht's funny stuff | See more about outfits, thoughts and clothes.

Haha so true! Story of my life aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo

Irrational fear, but totally me...haha

Haha so true! Story of my life

irrational fear. True story.

Too true

Accurate definition. abragrace77 story of my life

Real Synonym Definition haha so true!

very true. . . . .story of my life :)

I laughed a bit too hard at this...

Definition of a "synonym" ~ Truth

True... story of my life LOL

LOL true. Story if my life.

True story Bro.

Ha! Oh gosh, sometimes I feel like Pinterest knows me personally and creates these pins to make me feel like a's insane.: Giggle, Quotes, Synonym, Truth, Funny Stuff, So True, Humor, Funnies

:) all the time

Every. Single. Night. I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself. #whoIam

Every single night. It just doesn't shut up. :-)

I can't sleep..... story of my life!

Some funny stuff :) Light the mood!

So so true... Story of my Life!

So true!!! Story of my life :p

  I love Pinterest but it keeps me up too late at night and keeps me from getting laundry done!   Here are some of my recent pins... Okay, so I know this isn't something that everyone would pin but I have a three year old princess who I know would love this idea!  Besides bathtub fun, I'm also thinking the kiddie pool in the backyard this summer!  I think the boys would like floating Spiderman around too! Crockpot Italian Chicken: 4 chicken breasts, 1 packet Zesty Italian dressing seasoning, 1 8 oz. cream cheese (softened), 2 cans cream of chicken soup; Cook on low for 4 hours. If sauce is too thick, add a little milk. Serve over pasta.     Yum, yum, yum!  I know my husband and children would love this.  And a crockpot meal as easy as this is the perfect working mom meal and that's the part I will love! I LOVE this!  This green painted cabinet with the white lamp shades and white walls with that dramatic gold mirror is really striking.  This color green is gorgeous.  Makes me want to find some old furniture to repaint! Have you seen this?  Oh, my goodness!  I love it!  So precious.  I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to pull this off with my Oliver because he doesn't sleep so much anymore, but I have two good friends who should do this with their new babies!!  (Tracey & Lindsey - I'm talking to you!) This is totally me.  My brain never shuts up. I'm doing this with some of my students next week!  I showed it to my 4th graders and they got all excited and begged to do it!  I was considering this activity for some of my younger students but figured if the 4th graders got all excited about it, well then, we should do it! Well, this would totally spruce up my workspace!  Super cute and colorful.        Love this idea for the hanging streamers.  I like how the circles are large and get smaller as they go down.  The color scheme here is so elegant. Speaking of elegant... I really want to be invited to this party! What have you been pinning lately?  I'd love to hear!  Click on my Follow Me on Pinterest Button on the right side of the blog.  I'll follow you back and we can avoid housework together! Happy Pinning!

true story.... this picture looks like you could substitute something in for british accent....but what? hmmm imagination do yo thing hahaha

True story. I want to go somewhere where no one knows me and talk in a British accent the while time I'm there.

But since I wasn't born British, I just do their accents and continue to never shut up. << TRUTH

true story. sometimes i talk in a british accent, and i wish it was permanent. #truestorybro

Let's not kid ourselves. This is so true. I'd talk just for shits & giggles.

Truth. Even with my fake british accent ..... I never shut up :P

True story. So true...

hahah #sotrue.

Funny stuff

Every time

This is the story of my life because I tend to sit back and watch the other person act like the fool....

So true...story of my life!

Giggle:) So true!!!

Every single time.

Every Damn Time

Haha so true!!

Soo true!!!

Funny stuff

soooo true

So true.

5 Deadly Terms Used By A Woman #women Funny thing is, the meanings are completely different when I talk to my best friends...hahaha

5 Deadly Terms ... ahahaha - must say I have used all of these - not constructive really, though incredibly funny remembering the times I said them ... be direct, don't waffle and make your feelings clear - *divebombedintostardust*

Sadly, this is accurate =): Quotes, Sotrue, Truth, Deadly Terms, So True, Funny Stuff, Funnies

So true. I'm going to make sure when my little guy grows up he knows these "rules" lol

Five deadly terms used by women, and this is so true it's not even funny!

5 Deadly Terms Used By A Woman. Hahaha! It's funny bc it's so true..

5 Deadly Terms, Used by Women. This is so true in our house!! Lol

5 deadly terms used by a woman - so funny yet so true. Lol

just plain made me giggle


this is so true! and if you fat they r nice to your face and talk shit behind your back,... cant win!!

Truth...this explains my unreasonable dislike towards some people who just " rub me the wrong way" never want to admit that...but so true.

so true it's not even funny

Why must this be so true?:)

hahaha ah damn it so true

Funny shit!

So true


Fellow Mamas, can I get an amen?!

I can't stop drinking coffee. If I stop drinking coffee I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting-into-sentence doing.

WOW! An amazing new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! Here is where I got it from - I like to at least offer to stop drinking coffee every now and then.

I like to at least offer to stop drinking coffee every now and then. silverbridgecof coffee humor

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - I like to at least offer to stop drinking coffee every now and then. silverbridgecof

I like to at least offer to stop drinking coffee every now and then. Must have coffee or diet coke daily.

Coffee, coffee, coffee (Gilmore Girls quote, but so true for real life).

Life story.@Shalan Neal say this and it is completely you!

Why I drink coffee...and a fave Gilmore Girls quote

If I stop drinking coffee ...