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  • Vicki Speed

    Old Fashioned Martha Washington Candies - Taste like Almond Joy candy bars!

  • Catherine Esser

    Old Fashioned Martha Washington Candy - Great for the holidays!

  • 888Matters: Jan Daugherty McNutt

    Old Fashioned Martha Washington Candy. Best thing about a gluten-free diet is WHAT you can eat. Candy. I know. Sugar'll rot your teeth and make your butt big, but everyone has to have some sugar ever once in a while. These were my favorite Christmas candy growing up. Today, fat butt or not, I'm making 'em and they are G-F!!!

  • D'Lisa Hopper

    Deep South Dish: Old Fashioned Martha Washington Candy

  • Kim Wright

    O, blessed Mary. These are highly addictive Martha Washington candies. A Christmas dinner was never missed without these little gems. If you don't like coconut simply omit from the candy mixture. (0: Mmmm

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