Snake Handler

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This show follows the Shorts family, for whom snake handling is part of their religion. File this under "Don't try this at home!"

series on snake handlers and faith healers of the 1940s, from LIFE magazine

If you are researching Snake Handling, then some possible keywords might be:  Dewey Chafin, Pentecostalism, Southern Appalachian region.

Title translates to "Daughter of the world bear". No idea what that means, but it's a remarkable vintage Japanese postcard image

Snake Handling Pastor Dies Of Snake Bite ... #pets #animals ...


snake handling

In W.Va., snake handling is still considered a sign of faith - The Washington Post

Snake handling

Snake handling man

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The anointment. Appalachian serpent handling church service

Sanke Handler, Faith Healers of the 1940s

Frank Keefer ran a snake show on the Siebrand Brothers carnival midway. Photo mid 1940′s taken in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Later Norman Prather took over the snake show in the 1950′s.

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Snake Handlers at Jolo, West Virginia